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Duxedo is a Dynamon in Dynamons World.

In-Game Description

"Duxedos quack at each other to alert of nearby enemies."


Duxedos' heads are pool colored, separated by a white stripe that leads to a dark blue body. There's also a line from the white stripe tat's the same color as the head.


Skill Icon Skill Level Skill Name Skill Type Number

Of Skill(s)

Cooldown Skill Description
Sonic Shock.png
Lv.1 Sonic Shock Normal 2 0 Attacks with a strong sound wave
Frozen Mist.png
Lv. 3 Frozen Mist Water 2 0 Arctic clouds deal damage and weaken the enemy's ATTACK
Screenshot 2022-02-06 184512 (2).png
Lv. 5 Enrage Normal 2 1 Increases ATTACK and gets RAGED, making next attack stronger
Lv. 10 Iceberg Water 1 0 Attacks with an exploding iceberg
Lv. 15 Blizzard Water 1 1