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Jeempy is a Dynamon in Dynamons World.

In-Game Description


Its body is tan, its face and ears too, except for the tip of its ears, which are brown. It also has a green mossy mane that covers the top of its head and goes around its neck. The tip of the tail is also a green leaf.


Skill Icon Skill Level Skill Name Skill Type Number of Skill(s) Cooldown Skill Description
Lv. 1 Scratch Normal 1 0 Scratches the enemy to deal damage
Lvl. 1 Quick Attack Normal 1 0 Deals 1-3 hits, never misses
Leaf Strike.png
Lvl. 1 Leaf Strike Grass 1 0 Attacks with a sharp burst of leaves
Lvl. 1 Confuse Normal 1 1 Lowers the enemy's AIMING, may cause HYPNO