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Items can be used to help in battle or to catch Dynamons.


Name Icon Usage Price in Shop
Gold Coins.png Used to buy from the Shop 8 coins - Free (After advert watched)
300 coins - 4.59 GBP
750 coins - 7.99 GBP
1 000 coins - 4.89 GBP
1 700 coins - 18.99 GBP
9 999 coins - 36.99 GBP
Shards Shards.png Used to level up Dynamons 190 shards - 10 coins
1000 shards - 50 coins
10 000 shards - 450 coins
100 000 shards - 4000 coins

Skill Cans

(Mystery Grab Skill Can costs 20 coins)

Name Skill Given Type of Skill
Confuse Can Confuse No Element
Hurricane Can Hurricane No Element
Hellfire Can Hellfire Fire
Flame Swirl Can Flame Swirl Fire
Water Blast Can Water Blast Water
Avalanche Can Avalanche Water
Poison Gas Can Poison Gas Grass
Rainbow Beam Can Rainbow Beam Grass
Dark Beam Can Dark Beam Dark
Thunder Blast Can Thunder Blast Electric

Items for usage in Battles

Name Icon Usage Price in Shop
Discatch Discatch.png Used to CATCH wild Dynamons 15 coins for 1
Bunker Berry Bunker Berry.png Hardens the skin to increase DEFENSE Not in shop
Focus Fungus Focus Fungus.png Temporarily increases AIMING Not in shop
Power Pepper Power Pepper.png Tastes spicy, improves ATTACK Included in Power Pack (x5), costing 2.29 GBP
Rage Root Rage Root.png A spicy root that evokes RAGE Included in Power Pack (x5), costing 2.29 GBP
Heal Spray Heal.png Restores some HEALTH during battle Included in Power Pack (x10), costing 2.29 GBP
25 coins for 1
Antidote Spray Gets rid of SICK and HYPNO Included in Power Pack (x10), costing 2.29 GBP
10 coins for 1

Other Items

Name Icon Usage How to Get / Price in Shop
Ancient Key A mysterious KEY Received through boss battles / Not in Shop
Cookie Cookie.png A delicious cookie Given by wild dynamons, and a lovely old woman in Winterdale / Not in Shop
Level Up Snack A Snack to level up any Dynamon of your choice Shop / 200 coins for 1

More Description

  • Currency:
    • Coins are usually gained through arena battles, boss battles, and rewards, (such as finishing an area, etc.), but you can also buy them with real cash.
    • Shards are usually bought from the shop, using coins, but they can also be gained if you lose an arena battle (150 shards), and occasionally after winning a boss battle/battle against a wild dynamon.
  • Skill Cans:
    • Cans are occasionally rewards from boss battles and battles against wild dynamons, but you can buy a mystery grab from the shop for 20 coins. A 'mystery grab' is where the computer generates a completely random can, (list above), and gives it to you.
  • Items for Usage in Battles:
    • Discatches are quite hard to come by, unless you buy them. They are used to capture wild dynamons during battle, (not boss battles or arena battles), and add them to your 'collection'. If you see in the image, there is a green circle/sphere, and it will light up green if you have caught a dynamon, and will light up red when you haven't caught it. The dynamon's health must be low for you to capture it, and, from many people's personal experiences', your dynamon's health should have more than half.
    • Berries, Pepper, Roots and Fungi are all items to increase AIMING, DEFENSE and POWER, and evoke RAGE.
    • Heal Spray is a spray that gives you more health in any battle.
    • Antidote Spray cures you from SICK and HYPNO. SICK is shown when your dynamon has a red thermometer above its head after being struck with either 'POISON BITE' or 'STATIC SHOCK'. Now, whenever your dynamon makes a move, from attacking, to using 'NIGHTFALL', a bit of health is taken away automatically. HYPNO is shown by a purple swirl is above your dynamon's head. If your dynamon is struck by 'HAUNT' or 'FLAME SWIRL'.