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Sluglug is a Dynamon in Dynamons World.

In-Game Description


A blue back and scalp. Its ears are also blue, where the rest of the body is tan.


Skill Icon Skill Level Skill Name Skill Type Number

Of Skill(s)

Cooldown Skill


Sonic Shock.png
Lvl. 1 Sonic Shock Normal 1 0 Attacks with a strong sound wave
Lvl. 4 Confuse Normal 1 1 Lowers the enemy's AIMING, may cause HYPNO
Lvl. 4 Bubble Burst Water 1 0 Deals damage with powerful bubbles
Lvl. 7 Ice Shield Water 1 0 Improves your Dynamon's DEFENSE using a cover of ice
Tentacle Grip.png
Lvl. 10 Tentacle Grip Water 1 0 Charges with toxic tentacles, may cause SICK
Lvl. 13 Blizzard Water 1 0