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Snorky is a Dynamon in Dynamons World.

In-Game Description

Using their trunks, Snorkies enjoy blowing water on their friends.


Snorky's body is dark blue, with a sky blue ring separating its neck from body. There's also another ring on its tail. Its head is periwinkle, with an opal on its forehead. There also a pipe on its head.


Snorky evolves into Snorkoth at Level 18.


Skill Icon Skill Level Skill Name Skill Type Number Of Skill(s) Cooldown Skill Description
Sonic Shock.png
Lvl. 1 Sonic Shock Normal 2 0 Attacks with a strong sound wave
Lvl. 3 Bubble Burst Water 2 0 Deals damage with powerful bubbles
Lvl. 5 Flash Normal 2 0 Attacks with a bright light, does EXTRA damage to SICK enemies
Frozen Mist.png
Lvl. 7 Frozen Mist Water 1 0 Arctic clouds deal damage and weaken the enemy's ATTACK
Lvl. 10 Iceberg Water 1 0 Attacks with an exploding iceberg