Dynamons Wikia

An ancient arena where many matches were played years ago. Dom will send you here. You have to beat Julian and his Gang Members so that they don't steal all the gold. I need to know how to defeat the gang member guarding the temple.

  1. Jeempy
  2. Leafrog
  3. Nintoise
  4. Fenecorn
  5. Foxcarf
  6. Aviatos
  7. Rexaroo
  8. Grubble
  9. Tuffnut
  10. Spidread
  11. Tailton
  12. Kikflick
  13. Flowingo
  14. Shadowl
  15. Quacko
  16. Winger
  17. Psython

There are 9 Boss Battles and Quests.

The Dynamons here are high-leveled, so if you want to beat Julian in the final match in the temple (Spoiler Alert: He has a Malakite Lvl. 18) you really have to train your Dynamons very well.