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Vampix is a Dynamon in Dynamons World.

In-Game Description

Using it's tail, a Vampix clangs on branches upside down.


A light purple head and chest fur, with dark purple arms and legs with a tail the same color. The top of the head, ears an wings are black.


Skill Icon Skill Level Skill Name Skill Type Number Of Skill(s) Cooldown Skill Description
Sonic Shock.png
Lvl. 1 Sonic Shock Normal 2 0 Attacks with a strong sound wave
Lvl. 1 Bite Normal 2 0 Bites strongly to deal damage
Lvl. 1 Nightfall Dark 2 0 Darkness cuts enemy's aiming and improves your dynamon's attack
Lvl. 1 Suck Life Dark 1 0 Absorbs a portion of health from the enemy
Lvl. 10 Haunt Dark 1 1 Does terrifying damage that lowers defense and may cause hypno